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What Does it Mean to Be #YogiStrong: Carri Uranga Guest Blog Post

We’ve asked another one of our amazing Sponsored Yoga Teachers what being #YogiStrong means to her. Carri couldn’t just come up with one answer as being #YogiStrong means many things to her. We’re proud to share with you a couple of her meanings. Thank you, Carri, for being a great supporter of Aurorae!


To me, being #yogistrong is much more than just about physical strength. It’s a state of mind that takes a certain level of mental stability and determination.

Screenshot_2015-02-21-19-07-35-2I believe the body has the power to do anything, but the mind is the one that plays tricks on us and prevents us from achieving goals, whether it be athletic goals, personal development intentions, relationships or business endeavors, the mind is often the one that prevents us from realizing our dreams. Often the factor that gets in the way is fear. Fear is usually either based on a past experience or something we fear may happen. Either way, it’s something we’ve conjured inside our heads. To be #yogistrong is to get out of your head and get into the present moment. Being #yogistrong is getting into the now!

To be #yogistrong is to recognize the self.

The yoga mat is a mirror and a reflection of the self. When we come to the mat, how we approach our practice is often a reflection of our approach to life. Are you a driven “Type A”? Are you willing to give up easily? Do you take care of yourself and honor your body or push yourself beyond limits leading to injury? Being #yogistrong is not always about powering through the hard times, whether they are mental or physical. To be #yogistrong is to also recognize when you need to back off, when you need a break. Sometimes that can be the hardest part. When you honor the self, regardless of the ego then you are truly #yogistrong.


Carri Uranga teaches yoga teachers around the globe with her school Drishti Yoga Teacher Training. She has hiked the entire Appalachian Trail, adventure traveled for a year in Central & South America, run a marathon, biked a century and has a never-ending Wanderlist. You can find Carri on Instagram at @vicarrious or @drishtiyogattc and on Twitter at @carriuranga.

New Jersey native. I have a zest for life that includes my personal side and my professional side. Internet marketing professional. Sports enthusiast. Photography. Dog lover. Yogi. Runner. Live music junkie. Foodie wannabe. Wine unsnob. Travel lover. Entertainment craver. Activity buff. You name it, I love it. I became a New Orleans resident in September 2011 and will never look back because this city offers everything I want in life.

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