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Yoga Tips

Whether you have been practicing yoga for many years, or you are just embarking on a new activity in your life, Aurorae would like to offer you a number of yoga tips that range from how to care for and wash your yoga mat, what to do if you find yourself slipping on your yoga mat, best practices for an enjoyable yoga practice and more. We even have specific beginner yoga tips that you can find by clicking here.

Aurorae’s Yoga Tipsyoga tips

You’ll find that Aurorae’s yoga mats are ready to use once you receive yours and you will find that they have virtually no odor, unlike some other brands.

One of the most common issues while practicing yoga, no matter what type of surface you are practicing on, is that you may find yourself slipping on your yoga mat.

Aurorae would like to offer you some yoga tips to help you stop slipping on your yoga mat.

As part of our Aurorae family, we are dedicated to resolving your problems or concerns and we 100% guarantee our products and your satisfaction.  Our main goal is to ensure your safety and enjoyment that will allow you to maximize your yoga experience.

You can read more about how to wash and care for your yoga mat here.

Yoga Tips to Stop Slipping on Your Yoga Mat

  1. Wash your hands with soap & water before using your yoga mat. This will reduce any natural oils found in your hands that may transfer to the yoga mat & cause slipping.
  1. Do not use creams or oils on your hands or feet before your yoga practice to keep your mat clean. Creams or oils may cause slipping.
  1. To keep your yoga mat fresh and clean, we recommend Aurorae Organic Yoga Mat Cleaner. Use it to naturally clean your yoga mat while also giving it a fresh natural scent. Spray it directly onto your yoga mat and wipe it dry with a towel. Your yoga mat must be dry before using it again. We recommend that you do this after every yoga practice to minimize bacteria.
  1. Always keep a microfiber towel next to your yoga mat to wipe away any perspiration as well as to clean your mat.
  1. If necessary use an Aurorae Slip Free Yoga Rosin Bag to absorb any perspiration, natural oils in your skin or built-in resins from the mat itself that could cause slipping. Our Slip-Free Rosin Bag increases gripping power on your yoga mat. This product, which is Mad in the USA, is made of materials derived from nature, has no odor and is non-sticky. You can watch our instructional video here.

Tips on How to Use Your Synergy Yoga Mat-Towel

Aurorae’s patented Synergy Yoga Mat-Towel works in the opposite way than the other Aurorae yoga mats: the wetter it gets, the better your grip will behot yoga mat while you practice yoga.

For best results, we recommend at the start of a yoga practice to lightly spray some water on the top surface of your Synergy mat where your hands & feet go in your downward facing dog posture. You can just use a water bottle, or spritz it with your hands.  This will prevent any sliding while your hands and feet are dry.

As you perspire your grip will get better and your natural body chemistry will take over from your perspiration. If your hands and feet are normally moist you will probably not have to do this. That is why the Synergy Yoga Mat-Towel is the perfect yoga mat for hot yoga practices. If you think you’re going to be perspiring a lot while practicing yoga, no matter what type of yoga you are practicing, then the Synergy Yoga Mat-Towel could be the yoga mat for you.

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