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#StrongYogi Pose of the Week: 8-Angle Pose

This week’s #StrongYogi pose is 8 Angle Pose, or Astavakrasana. he pose can seem difficult and intimidating, but there are many steps to get you there! Take it at your own pace and don’t feel the need to nail it

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#StrongYogi Pose of the Week: Crow Pose (Guest Blog Post)

We are so proud to welcome a new guest blogger, Christie Pitko! She is one of our new Aurorae Yoga Teacher Sponsorship recipients and so kindly offered to write about another #StrongYogi pose that she loves, crow pose. Let’s have

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#StrongYogi Pose of the Week: Forearm Stand

Our #StrongYogi pose of the week is forearm stand, or Pincha Mayurasana. This is another difficult pose that has many different levels. Stay within what is good for your body, and have fun with this one! Forearm stand strengthens your

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What Does it Mean to Be a #StrongYogi?

This year, Aurorae kicked off our #StrongYogi campaign. But what does it mean to be a Strong Yogi? Just like your yoga practice, being a #StrongYogi is unique to each individual person! This is the start of a blog series in

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