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Sweating Feels Good: Practicing Power Yoga at Home

If you are looking for a new fitness workout with vigorous exercises and moves, you should try power yoga. Power yoga is great for those of you wanting to increase flexibility while toning and strengthening your muscles. The various power yoga classes available tend to differ from one another because even though they are all based on vinyasa-style yoga, they don’t necessarily focus on a specific pose set.

Power yoga classes are a great form of exercise no matter what type of fitness background you have. So whether you are just starting out or you have been working out and playing sports for years, you can get an incredible workout through power yoga. There are many power yoga classes available around the country, but if you don’t want to commit to taking an actual class at a yoga studio, you should try one of the dvds listed below.

  1. Power Yoga Collection by Rodney Yee – This collection is made up of three different dvds, one called Yoga Burn, another Power Yoga and finally, Yoga for Conditioning Athletes. These dvds are both challenging on your body, but relaxing on your mind. They are also easy to follow, but they do require a general knowledge of yoga poses.
  2. The Ultimate Yogi – This is a 12 disc series that works to help you get fit and transform your life. This collection will help you to work on everything from balance to strength to losing weight.
  3. The Firm: Power Yoga – This is a two-disc dvd set that acts as a great entryway into the world of power yoga. It uses classic yoga moves to strengthen and tone your body. By focusing primarily on your core and lower body you will be able to build flexibility and increase stamina.

Have you ever taken a power yoga class or tried any of the yoga DVDs listed above? Comment below, we would love to hear from you!


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