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How to Meditate

How to MeditateMeditation.

It can illuminate your life.

You’ve heard that it’s an integral part of staying relaxed and focused in life, and you also know that it plays a role in yoga practice. But, are you fully aware of what meditation is or how to meditate? Aurorae is not claiming to be an expert in meditation, but we would like to offer you some helpful information on how to meditate. You can read through our guide here and you can also read some of our other Meditation Tips here.

Aurorae’s Guide on to How to Meditate

As we mentioned previously, we are not experts. Meditation is just like yoga in that IT IS YOUR MEDITATION. Everyone meditates differently, and no one is judging you. Not even yourself.


Meditation is an ancient discipline that involves contemplating and focusing your mind on a thought or an object. As beginners, we often concentrate on our breath in order to practice focus. It is believed that when we learn how to meditate, we can think and see our life more clearly.

“Meditation is a way of getting to know yourself that can transform and reveal your life in a new perspective.”


In addition to thinking more clearly, meditation promotes a physical relaxation as well. This includes benefits for your heart, blood pressure, and increased energy. Meditation also unites the body and mind in a way that nothing else can. We loved reading Russell Simmons’s book about meditation and how he discovered both sides of his brain working at the same time.


In our meditation tips, we say that you can meditate anywhere – and that is true. But, it takes practice. If you are just starting out and want to learn how to meditate, you should find a good environment that is right for you. This may be a quiet place that is clean and naturally well lit. It can be a simple spot. You should be able to enter a meditative state when you are there. Some people might most be distracted by outside noise while others might need quiet.


One of the most important parts about learning how to meditate is just concentrating on how to relax.

  1. Breathe slowly and deeply
  2. Sit comfortably
  3. Comfortably and slowly release tension throughout your body
  4. Practice repeating the following words (from the book 101 Essential Tips Basic Meditation by Naomi Ozaniec):

“The muscles of my head and face are relaxing: I am relaxed. The muscles of my neck are relaxing: I am relaxed. The muscles of my shoulders and chest are relaxing: I am relaxed. The muscles of my arms and hands are relaxing: I am relaxed. The muscles of my legs and feet are relaxing: I am relaxed. I feel relaxed. My mind is calm. My body is calm. I am relaxed. My mind is alert. My mind is awake.”


Once you have identified the space in which you will meditate, and you have comfortably relaxed your muscles. It is time to start breathing deeply and slowly, and start focusing on your breath. If you prefer, you can also start to focus on the one idea or image that you want to meditate about. Bring the subject of your meditation to the forefront: whether that is your breath, or a visual image.

If you happen to get distracted, which is very likely and completely acceptable, do not continue to let your mind wander. Simply, shove those thoughts aside and return to your focus. You may have to do this multiple times, but have patience and do not judge yourself.


When you feel that you have completed your meditation, you can release your concentrated state of mind and dissolve any images you had in your head. Make some mental notes about how you felt and how you feel. Return your breath to its normal daily breathing pattern. Just as it took some time to get into meditation, take your time getting out of meditation as well.

These are just a few helpful guidelines to help you learn how to meditate as a beginner. To be honest, you can simply follow these techniques for as long as you’d like to meditate. There are many other ways to meditate, and we hope that you can give us some pointers as well! Thank you for your time and remember to smile.