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Yoga Block

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Aurorae’s Eva foam yoga block provides a 4-Inch wide structure for you to use while you practice your yoga.



Aurorae’s Eva foam yoga block provides a 4-Inch wide structure for you to use while you practice your yoga. This eco-safe material is made from a sturdy and scratch resistant Eva foam. Each block has beveled edges on all corners for added comfort to your hands, feet, knees or head when you press down while in your triangle or other yoga poses.

You will find that Aurorae’s block is very strong and durable, yet incredibly lightweight so as not to hinder your practice.  Weighing at 5.8 oz., this eco-friendly foam block is easy to carry with you and fits in many yoga bags. You can use a foam block to lend support during your yoga practice or create an extension of your arms or legs during your yoga postures.

Yoga Block Features:

A yoga block provides the support and/or height needed to practice your yoga poses safely and effectively.  When placed under your hips, hands, heels, or between the knees, it provides the stability and grounding needed to fully extend.

  • 9” length x 6” width x 4” tall to fit easily inside our Aurorae Yoga Sak, Tote Bag or Sling Backpack
  • made from eco-friendly Eva foam
  • free from Phthalates
  • extra wide & high density for strength and stability during your yoga practice
  • easy to clean by wiping with a damp cloth or spray with yoga mat cleaner and wipe dry
  • helps ground your lower hand in standing poses or supports hips in bridge pose
  • eco-friendly and SGS approved
  • 2 Year Full Guarantee by Aurorae

Our yoga block helps support you during your Ashtanga, Anasura, Iyengar, restorative, power yoga and others.


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