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Therapeutic Yoga Program for Addiction Recovery Residents

Aurorae and Kula for Karma have partnered to launch the first yoga healing program at Justin’s /Jill’s Place Recovery Center of St. Matthew’s House in Naples, Florida.

Justin’s/Jill’s Place aims to fulfill the need for long-term solutions for the struggles faced by men and women combatting drug and alcohol abuse and addiction. Using a three-phase recovery plan, residents go from an intensive regimen where personal accountability and community is key, to long-term transitional housing and work, to using life skills they’ve acquired to transition into an independent lifestyle.

Aurorae has witnessed the amazing care and results Justin’s/Jill’s Place has provided to residents over the years and felt the urge to provide where we can. Upon speaking with the founders of Kula for Karma, an organization that provides therapeutic yoga and mindfulness to people recovering from trauma, addiction, and mental health challenges, we’ve collectively offered to integrate a yoga healing program at the Center. Aurorae has donated the seed money needed to get the program off the ground, in addition to providing all yoga equipment necessary; while Kula for Karma will provide the yoga instruction and expertise of holistic healing of yoga for the program…

…and your help is requested! With your donation, Aurorae and Kula for Karma can provide therapeutic yoga to those in a time of personal crisis.

This 40-week program is provided at no cost to women residents of Justin’s Place. The benefits of therapeutic yoga to those in recovery from addiction and abuse are long and include both medical benefits such as improved sleep, decreased pain, relaxed nervous system, normalized endocrine function as well as psychological benefits such as improved self-acceptance, reduced anxiety and depression, improved impulse control, and increased self-compassion.

Your donations will help ensure that this therapeutic yoga program not only launches successfully for the women at Justin’s/Jill’s Place, but also that it will become a reoccurring program for more residents for years to come.

Click here to donate any amount of money.

Our goal is to raise $5,000 minimum to get the program launched successfully and efficiently. Once we reach our goal, we will update the community and as the program gets off the ground, we will also update our Aurorae and Kula for Karma families.

Thank you for your support. Aurorae, Kula for Karma, Justin’s/Jill’s Place Recovery Program at St. Matthew’s House and the residents who will benefit from this program THANK YOU from the bottom of our hearts.