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Incorporating Yoga Into Your Weight Loss Plan

Whether you are hoping to shed a few pounds or drop several dress sizes, the key to success is coming up with a weight loss plan that works for you. There are many effective weight loss strategies out there and one that continues to add to weight loss success stories is yoga.

If you want to make yoga a part of your weight loss plan, then you probably already know all the benefits yoga offers. From helping you learn how to control your breathing to reducing cortisol levels and blood pressure, yoga is a great way to set yourself up for a lifetime of healthiness and productivity.

Susan SheehanHealth Benefits of Yoga

The benefits of yoga for weight loss are continually being researched and reviewed. One of the main reasons yoga weight loss occurs is because of the mind and body connection. When practicing yoga, you become much more in tune with your body and therefore, more inclined to change. By understanding that your body is not your enemy and learning more about the things that truly fuel your body, you are able to increase your chances of losing weight (and actually keeping it off) because you are able to truly understand when you are full.

How Does Yoga Help With Your Weight Loss Plan?

In 2005 a medical study was completed on the natural weight loss effects of yoga. Upon completion the study found that when individuals who were overweight to begin with practiced yoga, they lost five pounds during the same time that those individuals who did not practice yoga gained 14 pounds (Source). From a scientific viewpoint, the only real reason they could come up with that the study ended that way was because of the mind-body connection that yoga develops.

Even though yoga will not cause you to shed huge amounts of weight rapidly, please remember that no real weight-loss solution does. Weight loss plans that truly work for the individual are those that set both short and long-term goals. Yoga is a life changing exercise that will help you strengthen your mind and your body simultaneously. Look for a teacher and class that will help you to learn and perfect the practice of yoga and never forget that you are working on disciplining your mind and your body.

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