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How to Accomplish Your Goals

As we live our daily lives, we are often caught up in the day to day, and forget about our big picture. We have one life to live and no matter what you think, we all have a purpose in this life. Whether it is to make others happy, or to live a fulfilling life full of adventure, or we just want to love and be loved, humans succeed with a sense of purpose. One way we choose to find this sense of purpose is by seeking a set of goals. Whether those goals are daily goals, annual, or lifetime achievements, these are our hopes, dreams and desires. Goal setting is one of the most popular ways to find a sense of purpose in life.

Steps For How to Accomplish Your Goals

1.Write it Down

The very first step to accomplishing your goals is to write the end goal down on a piece of paper. You can type it or write it, whatever you choose. By writing it down, you are making it real and visual.

2. Create a Mantra

This may sound hokey, but you have to believe that you can accomplish your goal before you set out to achieve it. It has to be something that you believe you are capable of, and you have to remind yourself of this daily. Those who give up on their goals because they have the mindset that they cannot do it are forgetting why they created the goal in the first place.

3. Envision the Plan

You’re not just going to achieve your goal right away. You’ll need to prepare yourself mentally to take on the challenge of accomplishing this goal. Envision yourself as you perceive you will be when you have achieved your goal.

4. Break your Goal Down

A real end goal is going to be hard to achieve in one step. Therefore, you should break it down into smaller steps. For instance, if you want to start your own business one day, you’re going to have to do research, gain capital, have a marketing plan, and seek supporters. You cannot simply just start your business without accomplishing these smaller goals.

5. Break Your Smaller Goals Down Even Farther

Yep. We’re talking about the nitty gritty here. The reason for this is that you are more likely to accomplish a small task if you know what that small task is rather than staring at a to do list that says “gain capital.” You can try making a list of potential investors, saving a certain amount of money each month, investing your own money in a bank, and the list goes on.

6. Guess what? Break Those Goals Down Even Smaller!

I know you think I’m crazy, but if you can break down a goal into the most minute, menial task, you are more likely to take it on. After time, you are going to see how much you have accomplished towards your goal and feel encouraged to keep going. You will not want to put all that good time you’ve spent towards achieving your goal to waste.

7. Prioritize & Speak to a Mentor

Now that you have your …really long… list of tasks, you’ll want to prioritize them. It helps to speak to someone who has achieved a similar goal as well. Finding a mentor to help you a long the way is not only going to provide you sage advice, but you will have someone holding you accountable and a cheerleader along the way.

8. Execute

Start with the most important tasks first. You’ll know how much time you have to execute each task, so not only should you follow your priority list, but you can also squeeze in whatever tasks you have created that you have time for. Do not lose sight of #1 though. This is your end goal! You have written it down for a reason. Keep this pinned somewhere you’ll be executing your tasks and you will achieve your goal.

9. Expect Bumps and Persevere

No large task has gone without bumps in the road. Be flexible. Take a break if you are feeling down about your accomplishments. Taking breaks will help you persevere through the hard times. If it isn’t hard, you wouldn’t have to go through all this work to achieve a goal.

If you’ve gotten this far, we hope that you are on your way to finding your purpose in life. If you have already found your purpose, but you have hopes and dreams you would like to accomplish in your lifetime, we hope that you will find this short list helpful. Remember, “Don’t let life achieve your goals because achieving your goals can change your life.”


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