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How Can We Learn To Relax? Aurorae’s Guide to Peace

This month, we are focusing our blog posts on women’s health issues. One huge part of your overall health is your mental health and well being. In work, family, and relationships, we tend to overwork ourselves both physically and mentally, and it is so important to counteract that with some self-care, relaxation, and “me time.” We came up with five ways you can learn to relax and make sure you are taking care of your mental health.

learn to relax5 Ways To Learn To Relax

  1. Read a book. Ahh, the joy of sitting down at the end of a long day and reading! To many, this joy is lost because of our addiction to screens. Sitting and staring at your phone or TV at the end of the day is an attractive option, because it’s easy and mind-numbing. But, often at the end of a long day, what we need is to be away from screens and constant communication. Learn to relax with a book – it is a great way to log off and get lost in a story. Plus, reading is great for your mental health, memory, and creativity.
  2. Surround yourself with people who make you feel good. You know that saying, “you are who you hang out with?” It’s true! If your co-workers are constantly gossiping, or your friends thrive on drama, you might constantly feel on edge around them, and that will take a toll on your mental well being. Seek out friendships with people who make you feel relaxed and happy – this can make a huge difference in how you feel on a daily basis.
  3. Stretch. There’s something so relaxing about stretching out tight muscles and feeling the whole body loosen up. Whether you sneak in a few minutes at the office or head to a yoga class after work, stretching is an important part of learning to relax. Why? Because it makes you stop what you are doing, clear your head, and take care of your body. Take a few minutes to an hour each day to stretch, and we promise you will feel the effects in your mind as much as your body.
  4. Meditate. When is the last time you sat in silence and stillness? When is the last time you let go of the tendency to plan, take care of others, work, etc? Learn to relax with meditation – it helps us undo the effects of constantly rushing around, planning, doing, and going one hundred miles an hour. Take five or ten minutes in the morning and/or at night and sit in silence and stillness and notice how much more relaxed you feel.
  5. “Me time.” What brings you joy? Cooking? Knitting? Making art? Building something with your hands? Often, the things that bring us joy also bring us a sense of peace and relaxation when we find time for them. Make time for your passions and hobbies so you can prioritize your relaxation.  

What do you do to learn to relax when you know you’ve been on the go so much? Leave us a comment and let us know!

Aubrey is a yogini that wears many hats: yoga instructor and yoga director at Life Yoga in New Orleans, a marketing assistant, a lover of chocolate, and a blogger. To see her teaching schedule and find out more about her, check out her personal page.

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