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Our Holiday Meal Favorites with a Healthy Twist

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! It’s time to be with family and friends, enjoy ourselves, and eat meals made with love. Most classic holiday meals, while delicious, can leave you feeling sluggish, heavy, and even a little sick. We searched the internet and found three classic holiday favorites lightened up with healthy, easy to follow recipes!

  1. Green Bean Casserole. There’s nothing better than this creamy, delicious casserole (and let’ssweet potatoes be real: the best part is the fried onions on top!), however when made from canned green beans and canned mushroom soup, this dish can be very unhealthy. The blog Dashing Dish has a healthy alternative for us! Her dish is made with yogurt instead of cream, and frozen beans instead of canned. Head to her website for the full recipe and directions!
  1. Mashed Potatoes. There is something so comforting and simple about mashed potatoes, but regular potatoes dont pack much of a nutritional punch to them, and the dish is often saturated in butter which can leave us feeling heavy. Try mashed sweet potato casserole, instead! Sweet potatoes are high in B6 and iron. Angela Liddon at Oh She Glows has a recipe for a Sweet Potato Sasserole With A Crunchy Nut Crumble that is absolutely delicious. Visit her website to see the full recipe and instructions!

    Naked Apple Pie by Snack Girl

    Photo Courtesy of Snack Girl

  1. Apple Pie. This dish is a classic holiday dessert, and rightfully so! How can you go wrong combining fruit, cinnamon, and pie? Normal apple pies are full of sugar, on top of the already sweet apples, and full of butter to make the crust. Instead, try this Naked Apple Pie recipe from Snack Girl. It doesn’t have a crust, so you can skip all the butter and flour and go straight for the goods: naturally sweet apples and spices! Head to her website to find all the info you need to make this amazing dish!

We hope you enjoy making and eating these recipes with your family this holiday season. And, don’t forget to make time to practice a little yoga too! Happy Holidays!

Aubrey is a yogini that wears many hats: yoga instructor and yoga director at Life Yoga in New Orleans, a marketing assistant, a lover of chocolate, and a blogger. To see her teaching schedule and find out more about her, check out her personal page.

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