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Guest Blog Post: Easy Morning Tricks to Help You Stay Healthy

This Guest Blog Post comes to you from Hannah West. Here are some easy morning tricks to help you stay healthy this summer. Thank you, Hannah!


Flush out Toxins

What you can do in the morning to stay healthy

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It’s important to rehydrate for the hours your body spent without water. The best rehydration tactic is one that includes ridding your body of toxins and a refreshing splash of flavor. Warm water with lemon will help kickstart your digestion and get your body in the right rhythm. Use fresh lemons, and throw in a little cayenne pepper for extra detoxifying power.

Spends a Few Minutes Outside

There are plenty of reasons to step outside every morning. Pollutants are more concentrated indoors. Spending time in nature has been proven to improve concentration and focus. Vitamin D, which you get from exposure to sunlight, can help prevent sickness and can boost your mood. Why not start your day off with a moment of reflection in the fresh air?


While you’re outside, challenge your sleepy muscles by calmly stretching. This will reduce aching from sleeping in an uncomfortable position and better protect your body from injuries that could be sustained throughout the day.

Eat Before You Exercise

Before you delve into the cardio, however, make sure to eat a healthy breakfast. Working out on an empty stomach doesn’t do much for your energy. Even if you don’t work out, eat a healthy and filling–but not heavy–breakfast within an hour of waking up.

Improve Circulation

Dry brushing your skin can get your blood flowing and get rid of the dead skin cells that are hanging around, and it’s an easy ritual to add to your morning routine. Use a natural bristle body brush that’s gentle on your skin. Start at your extremities and brush toward your heart. Make sure to moisturize afterwards for optimum smoothness.

Dwell on What You’re Grateful For

Our fast-paced culture makes it easy to wake up on immediately stress about what you have to get done for the day, the things you’re not doing right, or the ways you have or might let others down. Instead of falling into that trap, meditate on the things in life that you appreciate most. Chances are, after a few minutes of thankfulness for the good things, your worries for the day won’t seem quite so daunting.

Tackle the Toughest Thing on Your To-Do List

When you’ve fully woken up and are ready to face what’s expected of you today, think of the most intimidating thing on your list and get it done. Even procrastinators know that putting off the most difficult or daunting task on the list isn’t worth spending a whole day worrying about it.

Avoid Harmful Morning Rituals

A cup of coffee per day is usually harmless and even beneficial for most people. But rolling straight off your mattress to grab the auto-brewed serving set to pour the second your alarm goes off may not be the most productive way to start your day.

Instead of waking up through a set of energizing and cleansing rituals, you’re relying on a stimulant to do the work for you. Wait until you’ve completed your other morning rituals and grab your coffee as you walk out the door or as soon as you get to work.

The most detrimental habit to avoid is–you guessed it–using your tech devices the second you wake up. If your first reflex in the morning is to stretch for your phone and check your texts and social media, you’re already starting off on a stressful foot.

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