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Five Outfits You Can Wear This Summer to Pair with Your Yoga Mat Flip Flops

The summertime is a fun time to dress up in some of your favorite flirty outfits or dress down casually for work. One of the hottest accessory items these days during the summer, and year-round in beach cities, are yoga mat flip flops made from real yoga mat material. Nothing says comfort and style like a pair of real yoga mat flip flops. Aurorae actually sells two different styles that we think you’ll look fantastic in when you match your outfit with flip flops.

Five Summer Styles to Pair With Yoga Mat Flip Flops

1) The “Beaching at Night” Look

When you’re heading to the beach for the summer, you want to make sure you have a number of outfits available for the evening. Depending on your age range and what you enjoy doing, if you plan to head out to a club or a bar, you’ll look fantastic in a cute mini skirt, and a pair of slim yoga mat flip flops to match. They’re so comfortable on your feet that you can dance the night away without the blisters! yoga mat flip flops

2) The “Summer Friday Casual” Look

Some offices give their employees the luxury of banking enough hours during the week that they get to take a half day on Fridays. Sometimes these are called “Summer Fridays.” I can personally say I’ve enjoyed it in the past! In addition to this perk, we were able to wear any outfit with flip flops and no one would say a word to us. So, a nice casual, but classy, dress or even some cargo shorts (for men) paired with flip flops was the perfect outfit to get ready for a summer weekend.

3) The “I Just Came from the Pool” Look

Board shorts or a tankini with a sarong. Sunglasses. Sunscreen. Yoga Flip Flops. And your swim towel. That’s all you need for this outfit! If you’ve just come from the pool, then you’re striving for minimalism. But, you want to make sure you protect those bare feet of yours from the heat of the concrete or gravel so a nice comfortable pair of flip flops should do the trick. They’re easy to wash so trekking around in some dirty waters or the dirty parking lot won’t harm them one bit.

4) The “Happy Hour at Sunset” Look

When the weather is nice, we want to spend our time outdoors! That means we don’t want to go home after work, but rather we want to meet up with friends for a happy hour cocktail or two. Kick off those work heels and slip on a pair of slim yoga mat flip flops that will easily match your business casual outfit for the happy hour look. Come for the discounts and stay for the company! You’ll feel completely relaxed without having to change your whole outfit.

5) The “Yoga Class & Lunch” Look

With the trend of fashionable athletic wear taking off, going to yoga or to the gym does not mean leaving all fashion behind. Pair your yoga mat flip flops with some cute yoga clothes to feel comfortable and stylish to and from your practice. The flip flops are made from real EVA-foam yoga mats, so when you step off your mat and back into your flip flops after you practice, you’ll still feel that relaxed and peaceful feeling.

What is your favorite way to dress during the summer? Have you considered pairing your outfit with flip flops? If you’re interested in seeing what Aurorae has to offer, take a peek here.

Aubrey is a yogini that wears many hats: yoga instructor and yoga director at Life Yoga in New Orleans, a marketing assistant, a lover of chocolate, and a blogger. To see her teaching schedule and find out more about her, check out her personal page.

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