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How to Enjoy Practicing Yoga at the Beach

The weather has started to warm up all over the United States. Whether you’re temperatures are not in the 90s, 70s, or even 50s, it feels like springtime in the air! For many couples and families this means that they will be traveling to beaches all over the country (and the world!) in the near future to enjoy a summer break. Some of you love to remain active while traveling and vacationing and might even consider practicing yoga at the beach. Even if you’ve never practiced yoga before, beach yoga can be a relaxing and enjoyable experience for anyone.

What’s So Great About Yoga at the Beach?Yoga at the Beach with Dennis Ingui

The most obvious reason why someone would rather practice yoga at the beach than at home or in a studio is because of the scenery. If you’re a beach go-er then you already appreciate the beauty of the sand and the serenity of the ocean. So, creating a setting where you simply just breathe and enjoy life makes for quite a memorable yoga experience.

By practicing yoga in the sand, you are also strengthening some muscles that you might not normally strengthen while practicing on a hardwood floor. The secondary muscles in your hips, legs and shoulders will likely strengthen due to the uneven surface of the sand.

Practicing yoga at the beach brings you outside where the sunlight and fresh air are healthy for your lungs, skin and peace of mind. Vitamin D  produced by your body when exposed to sunlight is beneficial to your health, while breathing in the salty fresh air will clean your lungs, calm your nerves and act as a beautiful moisturizer on your skin.

Where Can I Practice Yoga at the Beach?

Depending on where you are traveling in the world, there is most likely some form of beach yoga class offered where you are going. You’ll just have to do a little research (a.k.a. Google!)

Here are some of our favorite spots in the United States to practice yoga at the beach:

Key West Yoga

IMG_4474Yoga on the Beach in Key West (and Cape Cod, Massachusetts!) offers a plethora of yoga at the beach classes to accommodate any level of yogi. Set up at gorgeous spots along the beaches of Key West, you can join others on vacation as a drop-in class student or if you plan to spend a lot of time practicing your yoga, you can purchase class cards for discounts. They also offer workshops and a yoga teacher training! For more information, Yoga on the Beach.

Kauai Yoga on the Beach

Whether you’re headed to Hawaii for your honeymoon, family vacation or business, Kauai Yoga on the Beach offers a number of locations for you to enjoy the scenery and your practice. Practicing yoga at the beach in Hawaii sounds like a dream, doesn’t it? Whether you want to sign up for one of the daily classes, take a private lesson or set up your wedding yoga class (for you and your bridal party and/or guests!) Kauai Yoga on the Beach is happy to accommodate you. For more information, Kauai Yoga on the Beach.

NJ Beach Yoga

Maybe you aren’t traveling as far as a tropical paradise like Hawaii or Key West, but you are planning to visit your local beach. New Jersey’s shore offers a number of options for yoga at the beach. One option is NJ Beach Yoga, which holds a number of daily classes at Sea Isle City in New Jersey. In addition to the classes held here, they offer private lessons and a Yoga to You! class which is basically the option to have a teacher come to your beach location. At their modest group class price, and with a plethora of options from Beach Yoga to Night Yoga, NJ Beach Yoga is a great opportunity to relax on your weekend trip down the shore. For more information, NJ Beach Yoga.

Carolina Power Yoga

If you’re heading to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, this summer, you will want to check out Carolina Power Yoga. Daily beach yoga sessions will make for a memorable and relaxing vacation for you and your family. They encourage the entire family to come out and breathe the ocean air while stretching. They even offer Beach Yoga Photography and classes are also offered at a very modest price. Yoga at the beach with your family can be a fantastic bonding experience for you all. For more information, Carolina Power Yoga.

Which Beach Would You Want to Practice Yoga?

We’re big fans of beach yoga and Aurorae owner, Dennis Ingui, takes full advantage when he is down in Florida in the winter. If you could go anywhere in the world, where would you practice your yoga at the beach?

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