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Easy Sustainable Living Tips To Incorporate Into Your Life

Many of us want to do our part to make the world a better place, and often times this means going green. Sustainable living is a lifestyle that attempts to reduce our footprint and use of the earth’s resources. It can seem like an overwhelming task, but in reality, there are many small, feasible changes we can make that can add up and make a big difference. Here are a few sustainable living tips that will help you feel like you’re contributing in a positive way to our environment.

Sustainable Living Tips

  • Commit to biking or walking to work one day a week

If weather permits where you live, bike or walk to work once a week. This has so many benefits beyond reducing your carbon footprint. It saves you money from gas and wear and tear on your car. It gets your blood pumping and heart racing, getting some cardio in before work. It leaves you feeling awake and energized for your work day. Everybody wins!

Sustainable living tips

Sustainable living tips2Save and reuse your jars and glass containers

Do you buy spaghetti sauces, pickles, or drinks that come in glass containers? Instead of throwing them out when you are done, try cleaning them out and reusing them! They can be used to store food, homemade salad dressings, and cups!

  • Ditch the plastic water bottles

This one seems like a no brainer: plastic water bottles are bad for everyone. It can get expensive and inconvenient to stop and buy a plastic bottle every time you want water. And, they are terrible for our environment. Invest in a reusable water bottle and refill it whenever you are thirsty.

  • Eat less meat

This is one of the most simple sustainable living tips you can try! Eating less meat is good for your body and good for the environment. But, you don’t have to quit meat cold turkey (pun intended!). You can start slow. Try meatless Mondays, or cut out processed meat for a month, then move on to red meat. Slow change is often more sustainable than quick change, anyway.

  • Skip the napkins and utensils when getting takeout

How often do you order takeout only to find the restaurant has stuffed tons of napkins and plastic utensils in your bag? If you are eating at home, ask the restaurant ahead of time to skip out on the plastic and paper goods. This saves them money and resources, and reduces waste!

  • Carpool when you can

If you and friends or family are heading to the same area, try carpooling. It might be a little out of the way, or make your commute slightly longer, but carpooling reduces car waste and can be a lot more fun.

  • Say no to junk mail – or recycle it right away

Junk mail is a huge culprit of paper waste. If there are some magazines or catalogues you can live without, contact the organizations sending you junk mail and ask them to stop. If you are getting tons of unsolicited junk mail, you can at least throw it straight into the recycling bin when you get it to stop it from cluttering your house and ending up in the trash.

These sustainable living tips are meant to provide you with some easy, simple ideas to make a difference in your daily life and a difference in our world. Try them out and see how it goes!

Aubrey is a yogini that wears many hats: yoga instructor and yoga director at Life Yoga in New Orleans, a marketing assistant, a lover of chocolate, and a blogger. To see her teaching schedule and find out more about her, check out her personal page.

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