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Don’t Forget the Microfiber Beach Towel: Five Tips For Planning an Affordable Vacation!

It’s that time of year when our yearning for a change of scene moves us to planning phase.  As you start to consider options for your well-deserved vacation, here are a few tips on how to approach this task. By taking time to think about your goals, and bringing along key items, like high protein snacks, refillable water bottles and a multipurpose microfiber beach towel or two, you will increase your chances of having a great time, without wasting precious time or money!

  1. Commit to Enjoy the Entire Vacation Process

Like children during Halloween, the event preparation can be half the fun. Why not enjoy the vacation planning process in addition to the actual vacation? You’ll be spending hard earned dollars, so enjoy weeks of excitement and conversation before the vacation even starts!

Print out possible vacation locations and activity ads from internet sources, and have travel magazines on hand. These enable you to peruse options alone or with family partners in your free time.

You can also advance purchase a few items you know you’ll need. If you are planning to be outdoors, buy that first bottle of sunscreen and use it here and there – to get that “vaca feeling.” If possible, purchase necessary items in festive styles and colors. A few examples are a new hat, and a microfiber beach towel. Check out the Aurorae microfiber beach towel in one of eight vibrant colors. Each microfiber beach towel was designed to get you in the vacation mood, the colors reminiscent of renowned beachfront locations.

  1. Think About Your Vacation Goals

Have you had a quiet year, and are you looking for excitement? Or have you had a busy year, and therefore looking for some rest and relaxation. Consider these factors as you start your planning.

Some resorts and locations have activities right on site, other resorts or vacation spots are known to be quiet, but offer scenic views, waterfalls and pools that lend themselves to meditation and reflection.

You might imagine yourself hiking on a rocky path, along a stream or lake. You arrive at a clearing, lay out your microfiber beach towel and unpack your picnic lunch. Alternately, you might imagine yourself reclining on a beach chair, laying on one microfiber beach towel, while another towel is rolled up as a pillow. Within earshot of gently breaking waves, you see yourself reading a book and then dozing off to sleep.

  1. Be Flexible!

Not only is flexibility a healthy life habit, but flexibility leads to unexpected adventure. If you’re on a budget, sign on to some of the travel websites that offer airfare alerts when prices go down. Consider vacationing with friends or family, or flying out of alternate or smaller airports as these sometimes offer lower fares and can be less congested. Depending on your destination, and gas prices, you may consider driving to your vacation.environmentally friendly microfiber beach towel

No matter how you get there, your experience to and from vacation can make or break the experience. With a flexible attitude and a few key provisions, the time you spend travelling can be a memorable vacation “appetizer and dessert!”

Plan to take along printouts, photos, itineraries, menus and brochures. Small bags of favorite snacks will keep your party energized when they are on the move and reusable water bottles will cut down on the cost of staying hydrated. Layered clothing for air or ground travel is recommended as well as a day bag packed with your first day’s needs, including a bathing suit and a rolled up microfiber beach towel.

Have you ever been cold on a car ride or plane? Wondered about the cleanliness of blankets passed out on planes? Your personal microfiber beach towel will be easy to access, fresh and clean, and can be used as a blanket or pillow.

  1. Look for Value, Not Just Cost

As you research locations, activities and supplies, consider value and not just cost. List your preferred ambiance, activities, amenities. List resort and transportation options. Identify how far you need to go and how much you need versus the cost.

For some families with small children, an all-inclusive takes the guess work out of the vacation and renders the desired result: low stress, lots of fun. For others, a better option is a remote or quiet location where the vacation is about creating and finding fun on the days that you want it.

Value also means taking along easy care, multi-purpose items, like flip flops and a microfiber beach towel. Comfortable classic footwear can double up for a casual dinner outing as well as a walk to the pool or beach.  A microfiber beach towel will dry quickly in the sun after you dry off from your swim.  It can be used as pool towel, cover up skirt, or rolled up and used as a pillow. Some families use their microfiber beach towel as a stroller blanket, for the littlest of vacationers!

  1. Make Your Vacation List, Get Set, Go!

Now that you’ve decided what you’d like to do and where you want to go, put all notes and document in a folder and organize your list. Your list will likely contain three sections: Pre, During and Post Vacation.

“PreVacanotes that your accommodation and travel plan have been make, you have checked passport expirations, and gathered medications and photos of vacationers. Note that you’ll need to leave your itinerary with relatives or neighbors and make arrangements for your mail, newspaper and pet. List the items you have already bought and the items that you still need to buy. Purchase high quality, multiuse, durable items like a microfiber beach towel or two, that you can use during and after the vacation. Have each member pack their travel bag, and include snacks, activities and items that add comfort during travel, including layered clothing and a towel or blanket.

Your “OnVaca” list should include activities and restaurants, and items to take along for each. For example, if you are planning to snorkel, you would need waterproof sunscreen, a waterproof camera and an absorbent microfiber beach towel. Working on your list should be fun and also make you feel organized and relaxed knowing you will not forger anything!

“PostVaca” list will include organizing photos, gift giving and reminiscing. If you plan to create an album for display in your home, why not buy in advance so you don’t overlook this fun way to re-live your vacation days? You may also want to purchase a beach scented candle and launder your beach color themed microfiber beach towel, so you can wrap up and lounge on the couch while you reminisce in the weeks following your return.

This is also when the dreaming starts again….

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