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Difference Between Pilates and Yoga

Yoga and Pilates are two of the hottest fitness practices in the last two decades. These exercise routines are low impact, yet can help people gain strength and become healthier overall. Millions of people practice Pilates and Yoga, and while some people may think they are the same or interchangeable, but actually, they are quite different. They are similar in some ways though. They do both promote relaxation, as well as a healthier body. But each work in different ways.


Most yoga stances require the person to hold their position for a long time. Pilates practitioners usually hold their poses for 3 seconds. There is a type of yoga that also holds poses for a short period of time, called Vinyasa yoga, but for the most part, poses need to be held for a while, usually 10 seconds or sometimes more. Pilates also has less standing exercises than yoga. They have more lying, kneeling, and sitting positions that yoga. Movements in Pilates are done with resistance, with the person pulling their abs in and up to support their spine. Breathing is mostly concentrated in the ribs and the chest and sides actually expand when they inhale, but the stomach stays flat. Yoga is the opposite. Practitioners must breathe in and out and allow the abdomen to expands. Mat Pilates workouts also tend to burn more calories, and thus are favorable for people who want to lose weight. Yoga is more relaxing and has an easier and slower pace, which is good for people who are older or do not want too much strenuous exercises (although some advanced Yoga practitioners can increase the level of difficulty.)

Now, if you want to be a Pilates or Yoga teacher, you can find many different certifications. Ideally, you should already be practicing Yoga or Pilates, so uyou are already familiar with the different types of movements. Many people are certified to do both, although since they are different, you should try to concentrate on either. Teaching Pilates is often more lucrative, as this exercise is promoted more to lose weight. Yoga tends to be a lifelong practice and most teachers might also want to learn about Philosophy and history. Pilates teacher training tends to be more accessible. You can easily find a Pilates teacher training center in many major cities or even get it online.

If you want to start Pilates teacher training, you can do it at your own pace. Find a Pilates teacher training center or instructor somewhere convenient to you. Getting face to face instruction is usually better, but for those who truly don’t have the time or live in remote places, you can get Pilates teacher training online as well, but you may have to go to a center or training facility to take the final exams. Once you have passed this exam, you can then being giving lessons. You can start by building your client base and then you might want to expand full time to teaching and so you can quit your day job and do what you love best.

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