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Have you Tried Yoga for Menstrual Cramps Pain?

This month, we are focusing our blog posts on women’s health, and how living a healthy lifestyle can uplift women from all walks of life. A great source of monthly pain and frustration is menstrual cramps. Most women know that feeling of wishing we could call in sick from work once a month and lay on the couch and eat chocolate. But until that is an option (hey, you never know), we must find other ways to get around the pain and go on with our lives.

There are many ways to relieve pre-menstrual pains, including eating lots of vegetables, medication, staying hydrated, massage, and of course practicing yoga! Certain yoga poses can relieve abdominal cramping, low back pains, leg pain, and overall feelings of discomfort that come with your period. It’s important to note when doing yoga for menstrual cramps that you should honor your body and avoid any poses that bring pain or discomfort.

Next time you are feeling under the weather due to your monthly cramps, try these yoga poses and see if they help!

Try These Yoga for Menstrual Cramps Poses

Malasana (Squat Pose)

The hips can get really tight during your period, so stretching them out with a low squat can be very relieving. Sit down low with your toes and knees pointed out. If it feels okay, take a twist to each side for a few breaths in this pose as well.

yoga for menstrual crampsPaschimottanasana (Seated Forward Fold Pose)

This can release some of the tension that builds up in the lower back. Start in a seated position with your legs extended out in front of you, but keep your knees a little bit bent to avoid too much tension. Take a deep breath, and as you exhale fold gently over your legs. Don’t worry too much about where your hands are.

Utthan Pristhasana (Lounging Lizard Pose)

This pose targets the hips and quad muscles and can also be a heart opener. Start in a regular lunge, and then walk the forward foot over to the edge of the mat so that both hands are on the inside of the foot. Drop the back knee. If the hips allow, place your forearms on the ground or on blocks to get deeper into the stretch. You can also bind the back foot with the front arm if that feels nice.

Balasana (Child’s Pose)

This is a pose of rest and ease, which is often just what your body needs at this time. Place your knees wide on the mat, sit your hips back towards your heels, and reach your arms forward. Let your belly just fall in between your legs and breathe ten full, deep breaths.

Eka Pada Rajakapotasana (One Legged Pigeon Pose)

This final pose  does wonders for your achy hips and thighs. Bring one shin forward and the opposite leg straight back. Be sure the front foot is flexed and the hips are squared. Make this pose even more wonderful by using props- you can place a block under your front hip and a bolster under your arms and head for maximum relaxation.

Have you tried these yoga for menstrual cramps poses before? We’d love to know if you had an instant gratification feeling or if it gradually helped. Do you have other poses you like to do when you aren’t feeling well? Let us know in the comments!

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How Can We Learn To Relax? Aurorae’s Guide to Peace

This month, we are focusing our blog posts on women’s health issues. One huge part of your overall health is your mental health and well being. In work, family, and relationships, we tend to overwork ourselves both physically and mentally, and it is so important to counteract that with some self-care, relaxation, and “me time.” We came up with five ways you can learn to relax and make sure you are taking care of your mental health.

learn to relax5 Ways To Learn To Relax

  1. Read a book. Ahh, the joy of sitting down at the end of a long day and reading! To many, this joy is lost because of our addiction to screens. Sitting and staring at your phone or TV at the end of the day is an attractive option, because it’s easy and mind-numbing. But, often at the end of a long day, what we need is to be away from screens and constant communication. Learn to relax with a book – it is a great way to log off and get lost in a story. Plus, reading is great for your mental health, memory, and creativity.
  2. Surround yourself with people who make you feel good. You know that saying, “you are who you hang out with?” It’s true! If your co-workers are constantly gossiping, or your friends thrive on drama, you might constantly feel on edge around them, and that will take a toll on your mental well being. Seek out friendships with people who make you feel relaxed and happy – this can make a huge difference in how you feel on a daily basis.
  3. Stretch. There’s something so relaxing about stretching out tight muscles and feeling the whole body loosen up. Whether you sneak in a few minutes at the office or head to a yoga class after work, stretching is an important part of learning to relax. Why? Because it makes you stop what you are doing, clear your head, and take care of your body. Take a few minutes to an hour each day to stretch, and we promise you will feel the effects in your mind as much as your body.
  4. Meditate. When is the last time you sat in silence and stillness? When is the last time you let go of the tendency to plan, take care of others, work, etc? Learn to relax with meditation – it helps us undo the effects of constantly rushing around, planning, doing, and going one hundred miles an hour. Take five or ten minutes in the morning and/or at night and sit in silence and stillness and notice how much more relaxed you feel.
  5. “Me time.” What brings you joy? Cooking? Knitting? Making art? Building something with your hands? Often, the things that bring us joy also bring us a sense of peace and relaxation when we find time for them. Make time for your passions and hobbies so you can prioritize your relaxation.  

What do you do to learn to relax when you know you’ve been on the go so much? Leave us a comment and let us know!

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Vacationing Consciously: Planning an Eco-Friendly Vacation

This month we are celebrating sustainability. We are encouraging our Aurorae family to think outside the box when it comes to going green and making lifestyle changes that positively impact the environment and world around us. You may think that if you are going green that travel is out of the question; after all, many hotels and restaurants are wasteful and expensive.  However, with the rise of ecotourism, there are now lots of eco-friendly vacations out there that allow you and your family to seek out adventure, travel, and relax.

We’ve collected a list of our favorite eco-friendly vacation ideas for you to check out next time your family wants to travel!

eco-friendly vacation

Bardessono Hotel & Spa, Yountville, CA

Eco-Friendly Vacation Ideas

  1. La Leona Eco Lodge in Costa Rica

This lodge is located in the forests of Costa Rica and offers a truly unique travel experience. Costa Rica is a beautiful country with diverse plants and animals, beautiful beaches, hiking, and more. The hotel is surrounded by nature and the staff offers many activities around conservation and preservation.

  1.  Bardessono in Napa Valley California

This eco haven hotel and spa is tucked away in Northern California. The hotel is committed to taking care of the environment and has several environmental initiatives. The building used non toxic materials during construction, they use organic sheets and cleaning supplies, they recycle, and they use organic and sustainable ingredients in their restaurant and spa. It’s a beautiful and green getaway.

  1. The Colony Hotel in Maine

This beautiful getaway overlooks the Atlantic Ocean. The hotel composts and uses ocean water to wash dishes and clean to reduce its water usage. It also eliminated use of styrofoam and aerosol sprays. The best part? It’s pet friendly! So bring your furry friends and enjoy a relaxing vacation on the beautiful coast of Maine.

  1. Aspen Mountain Ski Resort in Colorado

Think a ski vacation can’t be eco-friendly? Think again! The Aspen Mountain Ski Resort is committed to operating in a way that does not harm the environment. They adopt eco-friendly practices in the resort and they also advocate for environmental policy. On Tuesdays, they have a Farm-To-Table celebration with gondola rides and locally sourced meals. On these nights, 5% of their food sales go to conservation organizations.

  1. Camp in a National Park

This one is our favorite eco-friendly vacation. Camping is a fantastic way to travel and seek adventure while being eco-friendly. Head to the National Park Service website and find a park that is calling your name. Make it an extra eco-friendly vacation by hitting up the local farmer’s market on your way there to pick up food and snacks for the whole family. Spending a few nights under the stars will leave you feeling rejuvenated and relax.

We hope these ideas showed you that you can have fun with your family while also staying committed to sustainability in the world. Next time you seek out an adventure, try making it an eco-friendly vacation!

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Upcycled Designs: Turning Trash Into Treasure

This month, we have celebrated sustainability. We encouraged our readers to go green with their lifestyle, travel to eco-friendly locations, and turn their trash into treasures with DIY projects. But, sometimes, you might just want to buy something already made! This is where upcycled designs come in. There are many wonderful artists out there who sell affordable handcrafted repurposed art. They make everything from jewelry, furniture, clothing, accessories, household goodies, art, containers, keychains, and more. These upcycled designs can make great gifts for yourself and others, and they will leave you feeling good about supporting artists who are working hard to be sustainable in their practices.

We have highlighted some artists who work with upcycled designs.

upcycled designsOur Favorite Creators of Upcycled Designs

Upcycled Ashley

Ashley Michele is based out of Sarasota, Florida. She specializes in handmade, customizable products all made from discarded materials. Most notably, her earrings take old bottle caps and turn them into beautiful statement pieces. She has gotten nothing but positive, five star reviews from her customers on Etsy, many of them noting how quickly her custom jewelry pieces are made and shipped. Check out her page to see her beautiful and unique designs.


Shop owner Tara Chatterjee of 7StarsCreations is based out of Australia. She specializes in upcycled vegan and leather goods, wallets, clothings, bags, and jewelry. She is passionate about creating quirky and innovative products.


Shop owner Becca has been selling upcycled and repurposed glass and lighting accessories from Etsy since 2010. She makes everything from lamps, soap pumps, magnets, lights, and ornaments. Her designs are very creative; she even offers a hanging pendant made from an old Absolut Vodka bottle! You can feel good about your purchase knowing it saved glass from a landfill.


Anne-Marie Mcafee is based out of Florida and makes furniture and home decor from upcycled material, reclaimed wood, glass, and scrap metal. Her products range from large and elaborate chandeliers made from repurposed wood to toilet paper holders made from old horse shoes. As she says on her Etsy page, “It’s good for the planet and it’s a new life for some old and forgotten pretty things from the past!”


SneakyPea is a children’s clothing and accessory company. Bridget, the owner, specializes in baby, toddler, and girl dresses and clothes, bloomers, diaper covers, all using upcycled and vintage fabrics sourced locally in Pennsylvania. She is an Etsy Favorite and has hundreds of impressive 5 star reviews from very satisfied customers. Check out her shop for all your children’s clothing needs!

We hope these artists showed you that upcycled designs are good for the world, and good for you! Supporting creators that use recycled materials and turn them into something new and beautiful is a great way to go green use your purchasing power for good. And the best part is that their products make beautiful additions to your home, jewelry and clothing collections.

Do you have an upcycle design shop? Let us know in the comments for a shout out on social media! 

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Making Things From Junk: How to Make Things Out of Recycled Materials

This month, we are celebrating sustainability! We want to encourage our readers to think outside the box when it comes to being eco-friendly. One great way to go green is through making things from junk: reusing trash and making it into something beautiful. This can serve several purposes. It reduces waste, makes beautiful decorations and gifts, and can be a fun family activity! Next time you are looking for a DIY project, take a look at this list we made and you can see the beautiful things that come from making things from junk.

Making Things from Junk

  1. Make a beautiful vase with pennies.

This idea comes from Have an old vase you don’t love anymore? Spice it up and renew it! You can add pennies to the outside using glue and it will shine like new and look great on your mantle.

Making things from junk

  1. Turn your teacup into a succulent container

This idea comes from The Inspired Room and shows that making things from junk can be really simple. If you have old teacups, don’t throw them out! There are many cute things you can do with them, including making a home for your succulents.DIYBlogPost2

  1. Turn an old tire into a planter.

This idea comes from DIY Showoff. This one is super fun and customizable! You can pick the color you paint the tire and the flowers and plants to fill it with. Just be sure you give the tire a good clean before you start!recycle old junk

  1. Make a Dog Bed out of an old drawer.

This comes from DIY Network. Making things from scratch can be good for pets, too! This can come from an old dresser drawer you are giving away, or even one that you see on the street. Your dog will love this cozy, custom bed, and you will feel good about not throwing away a perfectly good drawer.DIYBlogPost4

  1. Turn an old trampoline into a hanging bed swing

This ambitious project comes from Tiny House on the Prairie. This one is is a big project but can have great results. If you are getting rid of an old trampoline or know someone who is, this is a fantastic way to upcycle it into a place where you can relax and unwind from the day. And, it’s beautiful! This would make a fun weekend project for the family. DIYBlogPost5

  1. Wind Chimes Made From Flower Pots

Spice up your porch, yard, or garden with these DIY wind chimes from My Home My Style. All you need is an old flower pot you are not using anymore, some string, some colorful shells, and some tools. It’s a quick project that can add beauty to your outdoor space!


We hope these projects showed you that making things from junk can be fun and easier than you might have thought. These DIY ideas are good for the environment, will beautify your home, and will provide fun projects to enjoy as a family. Try them out and let us know what you think!

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Easy Sustainable Living Tips To Incorporate Into Your Life

Many of us want to do our part to make the world a better place, and often times this means going green. Sustainable living is a lifestyle that attempts to reduce our footprint and use of the earth’s resources. It can seem like an overwhelming task, but in reality, there are many small, feasible changes we can make that can add up and make a big difference. Here are a few sustainable living tips that will help you feel like you’re contributing in a positive way to our environment.

Sustainable Living Tips

  • Commit to biking or walking to work one day a week

If weather permits where you live, bike or walk to work once a week. This has so many benefits beyond reducing your carbon footprint. It saves you money from gas and wear and tear on your car. It gets your blood pumping and heart racing, getting some cardio in before work. It leaves you feeling awake and energized for your work day. Everybody wins!

Sustainable living tips

Sustainable living tips2Save and reuse your jars and glass containers

Do you buy spaghetti sauces, pickles, or drinks that come in glass containers? Instead of throwing them out when you are done, try cleaning them out and reusing them! They can be used to store food, homemade salad dressings, and cups!

  • Ditch the plastic water bottles

This one seems like a no brainer: plastic water bottles are bad for everyone. It can get expensive and inconvenient to stop and buy a plastic bottle every time you want water. And, they are terrible for our environment. Invest in a reusable water bottle and refill it whenever you are thirsty.

  • Eat less meat

This is one of the most simple sustainable living tips you can try! Eating less meat is good for your body and good for the environment. But, you don’t have to quit meat cold turkey (pun intended!). You can start slow. Try meatless Mondays, or cut out processed meat for a month, then move on to red meat. Slow change is often more sustainable than quick change, anyway.

  • Skip the napkins and utensils when getting takeout

How often do you order takeout only to find the restaurant has stuffed tons of napkins and plastic utensils in your bag? If you are eating at home, ask the restaurant ahead of time to skip out on the plastic and paper goods. This saves them money and resources, and reduces waste!

  • Carpool when you can

If you and friends or family are heading to the same area, try carpooling. It might be a little out of the way, or make your commute slightly longer, but carpooling reduces car waste and can be a lot more fun.

  • Say no to junk mail – or recycle it right away

Junk mail is a huge culprit of paper waste. If there are some magazines or catalogues you can live without, contact the organizations sending you junk mail and ask them to stop. If you are getting tons of unsolicited junk mail, you can at least throw it straight into the recycling bin when you get it to stop it from cluttering your house and ending up in the trash.

These sustainable living tips are meant to provide you with some easy, simple ideas to make a difference in your daily life and a difference in our world. Try them out and see how it goes!

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Creating a Schedule That Works For You: Back to School!

Let’s face it: life is busy. Most of us are constantly working to find balance with work, relationships, children, friendships, and more. It can be extremely stressful to go from one task, meeting, practice, meal to another and always feel one step behind. And when we find ourselves in a constant state of stress, it’s hard to enjoy the small things in life and find time for joyful, happy activities. That’s where creating a schedule comes in. It might seem overly simple, but just the act of scheduling out your days can bring you peace of mind.

How to Create A Schedule That Works For You

Find a planner that you will use.

This can make all the difference in the world. How many times have you bought a planner, excited to be organized, only to have it gather dust on your desk? Having a planner that you will actually use is the key. It might be a pretty planner from your local paper store, or it might be all digitized and synced on your smartphone. Either way, the first step is to find a planner you like and will actually use. (Aurorae Director of Marketing is partial to her Day Designer. Completely obsessed.)

creating a scheduleSet a time each week to organize for the week ahead.

In order for your schedule to work, you have to update it each week in a practical way. Set aside a weekly time, preferably on a Sunday, to look at the week ahead and plan out your time. Whether it’s work meetings, doctors appointments, social events, workouts, yoga classes, or time to relax, you are more likely to stick to your schedule if it is all laid out ahead of time.

Plan out time to relax.

Your planner should not be all work and no play. That can actually make you feel more stressed than before. So plan out time to relax! Schedule in a 30 minute walk with your dog on your lunch break. Schedule in some post work drinks with friends. Schedule in a phone call with a loved one to catch up. Schedule in time to watch your favorite TV show. This will keep you from that “go, go, go” mentality that so many of us get caught up in, going one hundred miles an hour and never stopping to rest. Plan out your relaxation to make sure you take care of yourself.

Schedule workouts and fitness classes ahead of time.

When life gets busy, often fitness is the first thing to take a back seat. But, when we are sedentary all day, our mental and physical health struggles. If you have a yoga class already scheduled in, you are less likely to skip it, even if the day is busy! Even better, you can sign up and pay for the classes you want to take that week ahead of time to hold yourself even more accountable.

Cut yourself some slack.

This one is probably the most important to keep in mind when creating a schedule that works for you. Plan out your week, but be flexible. If you start to feel under the weather and need to adjust your schedule, you absolutely should. If you are too busy or tired to workout, give yourself a much needed rest day. If you need some unstructured time, put your schedule away for the day!

Creating a schedule should make your life less stressful, not more stressful, so be sure you are taking care of yourself along the way.

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End of Summer Vacation Ideas

As summer winds down, you might be getting ready for your regular schedule of work and/or school. But, it’s not too late to plan a last minute getaway to celebrate the beautiful summer and the great outdoors with your family! We made a list of end of summer vacation ideas that are affordable and doable, even if you only have a weekend to spare.

end of summer vacation ideasAurorae’s Favorite End of Summer Vacation Ideas

  1. Camping

Camping is always a fun family activity, and it can be done on the cheap! To make this end of summer vacation idea work, head out on Friday after work to any local campsite near your home. You can find close and convenient campsites by going to the Reserve America website and searching your area. You can camp in a tent or an RV, depending on your style. Bring lots of snacks, bug spray, firewood, and games to play. You can even set a family rule to unplug for the camping weekend and have everyone turn their phones and devices on airplane mode! After all, camping is a great way to unplug and disconnect from the clutter and constant stream of information we experience in our everyday lives.

  1. Head to the water

Any water will do just fine! Do you live within a few hours driving distance to a lake, river, bayou, or ocean? Take a family trip to the water and let loose! This can be a day trip, or a weekend trip if there are hotels or campsites nearby. You can relax on the shore, read a book, play games, and take advantage of the cool water. If swimming gets boring, there are a ton of watersports you can try, including paddleboard yoga, that can challenge and excite the more adventurous members of your family. Be sure to bring lots of sunscreen, your Aurorae swim towel, and lots of water to stay hydrated.

  1. Hiking

Most of us have some sort of hiking trails nearby, even if it’s not in a majestic mountain range. Many large city parks have trails and paths for walking and hiking that can make for fun family adventures! Take a trip to some hiking trails and soak up the sun. Hiking is great for people most ages and athletic abilities; you can take it slow and easy, or pick up the pace for a bigger workout. Either way, you will have a blast enjoying nature, fresh air, and sunshine.  

  1. Staycation

This end of summer vacation idea  is for the folks who just cannot getaway for one reason or another. Maybe your work schedule is tight and you only have one day off. Maybe you are on a budget and a family getaway is not feasible at this time. No worries! You can still enjoy the benefits of a family vacation within the comfort of your own home. Build a blanket and pillow fort in your living room. Pitch a tent in your backyard. Have everyone turn off their smart phones so they are focused on the family time, order pizza, play a game, and have a movie marathon! It’s that easy.

Celebrate summertime coming to a close with some family time, a little adventure, and a little creativity. These end of summer vacation ideas were picked out with simplicity and a budget in mind, so that you can enjoy them no matter what.

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Have You Ever Considered Dorm Room Yoga?

As summer comes to a close, many of us are getting ready to head back to school. Getting back into the swing of things can be difficult, especially after a long and relaxing summer. Back to school means going back to strict schedules, deadlines, studying, a cramped lifestyle and stress.

Keeping up with a consistent yoga practice at school can be hard for a lot of reasons. One, with our class and homework schedules, we don’t always have the time to fit in a class at the gym or local studio. Two, we might not be able to afford public classes. Three, we might not have room in our dorms or apartments for a big, wild yoga practice. Well, stress no more! We came up with some yoga poses that are dorm-friendly. These dorm room yoga poses are simple, but can provide stress relief, and physical relief from the tightness and tension that school often brings to our bodies.

So, lay out your mat, light a candle (if they’re allowed!), and get ready to feel a little more zen.

Dorm Room Yoga Poses

Forward Fold Pose | Help Lower CortisolSun Salutations

These are a great way to kick start your day. Start standing at the top of your mat. Inhale to lift your arms over your head, exhale to forward fold. Inhale to halfway lift, exhale to a low plank. Inhale to an up dog, exhale to a downward facing dog. Breathe in down dog for about 5 long, slow breaths. Then step to the top of your mat and forward fold. Inhale to lift back up to standing. Repeat this three to five times, depending on how you are feeling.

Humble Warrior

Being a student is hard on the body. Sitting in a desk most of the day can leave the hips and thighs feeling tight and achey. Sitting over a computer or a book most of the day can leave the shoulders feeling extremely tense. Humble warrior relieves all of these aches and pains in one healing dorm room yoga pose. Start by coming into Warrior One. Keep your front knee bent and your back foot grounded. Interlace your hands behind your back and squeeze the shoulders together. Then bow down, keeping your hands clasped, and snuggle your front shoulder into your front thigh or knee. Let the head bow down and breathe for three to five breaths. Repeat on the other side.

Seated Forward Folds

Forward folds are very healing for the low back and leg muscles. It does not matter if you can touch your toes, or barely reach your knees. Take a seat and extend one leg out in front of you, and take the other foot to the inner thigh of the extended leg. Fold over the extended leg and take five deep breaths. Repeat on the other side. Then, repeat with both legs extended out. For this forward fold, keep your knees a little soft. Notice how the muscles of your lower back will start to stretch and lengthen out, undoing some of the damage of sitting at a desk all day. Take seven deep breaths in this long forward fold, and then gently come out of it.


No yoga would be complete without Savasana, even dorm room yoga! Lay on your back in a comfortable position with your arms and legs extended. Find total stillness of the mind and body as best you can. Set your timer for about 5 minutes. This is a crucial pose for giving your mind and body the rest it so desperately needs.

Try these dorm room yoga poses and let us know how they feel! You might just notice your body and mind feeling refreshed and rested.

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Going Back to School Stress Free

Going back to school and getting back into the swing of things can be really difficult. You might be going from a carefree, relaxing summer right into a full schedule of homework, tests, late nights, social events, and more. This can often lead to lots of school stress: feelings of being overwhelmed and anxious, which can effect our school performance in a negative way.

Thankfully, we thought about how to manage school stress and feel more in control of your mental well being!

school stressHow to Manage School Stress

  1. Make a schedule.


Having seemingly hundreds of things to get done, different deadlines to meet, and meetings to attend can feel so overwhelming. Keeping an organized calendar that schedules out everything you need to do is the first step in gaining some clarity. In the schedule, you can give yourself plenty of time to study and complete tasks ahead of time so you do not constantly feel like you are rushing around at the last minute. Feeling in control of your own schedule can immensely help with your school stress.

  1. Practice self care.

It’s easy to get bogged down in the “go, go, go” attitude of school. But rushing from one class to another, grabbing some prepackaged food on the go, sitting all day and night while you study can wreak havoc on the body and highlight the effects of school stress. Your body and your mind need a break in order to function properly. You know that schedule you made? You can also schedule in some time to do nothing. That’s right! Nothing. Block out thirty minutes or an hour a day to rest and relax. Treat yourself to a face mask while you watch your favorite TV show. Take a bubble bath. Make time for the hobbies that bring you joy. Self care is an important part of managing stress.

  1. Eat well.

In school, sometimes we fall into unhealthy eating patterns, not only because we are often short on time, but also because the healthy options might be limited on campus. The dining halls on campus often are full of pizza and grilled cheese sandwiches. But we know that what we eat directly affects how we feel; when we eat poorly, we feel sluggish, tired, and slow. You can make small efforts to eat more fresh fruits and veggies, even with limited options. Visit your dining hall’s salad bar. Get fresh fruit as a side instead of french fries. Get some veggie sushi rolls instead of the usual. These changes seem small, but can make a big difference in how you feel mentally and physically.

  1. Move

One of the best things we can do to manage school stress is move our bodies. This does not mean you have to be a hardcore fitness lover, either! Incorporate simple movements into your day. Go for a walk and get some fresh air. Take a yoga class at your school’s gym. Study outside in the courtyard or park. Set your alarm to go off every hour while you are studying to remind you to stand up and take a stretching break. Incorporating more movement into your day will alleviate mental stress in a tangible way.

Try these practices out next time you feel overwhelmed by school stress, and notice how your body and mind might feel a little more relaxed!

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