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Aurorae Yoga Teachers Sponsorship

Here are Aurorae, we pride ourselves on our customer service and grass-roots marketing efforts to offer the best yoga products to our communities. We have found that yoga teachers are some of our biggest advocates, and therefore we decided to start a Yoga Teacher Sponsorship program for existing yoga instructors around the United States.Yoga Teachers

What is the Aurorae Yoga Teachers Sponsorship Program?

Our program is designed to support yoga teachers throughout the country by providing them with a complimentary Aurorae yoga mat and other Aurorae products for them to try out in their studio, at home, with students or as they travel.  Because yoga instructors have a great influence on their students and embody the spirit of yoga as we do, we love partnering with teachers of all styles, levels and practices.

We believe in the power and spirit of yoga. We admire what you do as a yoga instructor and value your contribution to society. We invite you to apply for our yoga teacher sponsorship and become a member of our Aurorae family.

What Can Aurorae Offer You?

We welcome you to become a part of our Aurorae family by completing the application form to become an Aurorae Sponsored Yoga Teacher.

This will give us the opportunity to get to know you! Qualified yoga instructors will receive an e-mail from our Marketing Department welcoming you to our family. You can expect:

  • a free Aurorae yoga mat of your choice for review
  • opportunities to review additional Aurorae product
  • placement on our Aurorae Sponsored Yoga Teachers webpage including a link to the studio of your choice or your website
  • the opportunity for cross-promotion on our social media pages of your upcoming retreats, workshops, or events
  • a network of other yoga teachers to collaborate with and brainstorm ideas
  • our promise to you that we will always treat you as family

Please click here to complete the Aurorae Yoga Teacher Sponsorship Application.

In order to qualify you must have a yoga teacher certification and currently actively teach yoga in a studio, at retreats, in workshops, through private sessions, or even through an online service. We look forward to receiving your sponsored yoga teacher application today.

Please don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions, comments or concerns to our Director of Marketing, Eileen Boh at

Aurorae Sponsored Yoga Teachers