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Meet the Founder

Dear Aurorae Family,

I started this yoga company from the passion I developed for yoga more than 15 years ago. As a cancer survivor since 2001, I needed an outlet in my life to help build my body as well as develop inner peace for my mind. Yoga has helped accomplish both of these goals for me while also making many new friends and energizing me with a positive and balanced attitude toward life.

I am not an instructor; just a dedicated student that has enriched his life through yoga and understands what a regular everyday student needs in their yoga practice.

Your business is always appreciated and we at Aurorae look forward to servicing your yoga needs and hopefully making a few new friends along the way. I encourage you to e-mail me if you have any questions or simply just to say hi.

Thank you for your continued support.


Dennis Ingui

CEO/Founder, Aurorae

Remember, “It’s Your Yoga” so don’t be intimidated or uncomfortable.
Relax, Enjoy and Namaste

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Welcome Video
Dennis Ingui
Dennis Ingui