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Aurorae is a family business, popular active lifestyle e-retailer, and yoga mat company founded in 2009 by yoga student and cancer survivor, Dennis Ingui.

Cancer-free for more than 15 years, Ingui started practicing yoga as an outlet in his life to help build his body and develop inner peace of mind. Aurorae’s flagship Classic Yoga Mats became the top-rated yoga mats on after less than a year in operation quickly making Aurorae one of the top yoga mat companies in the country.  What started out as a hobby grew into an enjoyable venture for Ingui and his family. You can click here to read the full story about how our founder decided to start Aurorae, where the name came from and what his vision for the company is.Yoga Mat Company: Aurorae

From Yoga Mat Company to Active Lifestyle Company

In addition to Aurorae’s variety of yoga mats, designed for all levels of practice, Aurorae boasts a 5-Star feedback rating on all other products including yoga accessories and active lifestyle products. From a yoga mat company to so much more, Aurorae is looking forward to providing the best and most unique products available to the yoga and active communities.

In the last couple years, Aurorae has expanded beyond just a yoga mat company, and now offers a variety of high-quality yoga accessories, fitness & yoga apparel and accessories, aromatherapy products and active lifestyle products such as swim towels and flip flops.  Our product development team is consistently hard at work designing new eco-friendly, quality products for you to enjoy. We are also extremely available and open to your feedback as you

A Family Business You Can Trust

Aurorae takes great pride in our customer service policy and our determination to create a positive and enjoyable experience for our Aurorae family. We consider all of our customers, supporters, partners and employees a part of our Aurorae family and treat everyone with the same respect, kindness and love that each deserves. It is because of you, after all, that we are respected as a great yoga mat company.

Our #1 goal as a company is to provide the best in customer satisfaction.  Not only do we treat each of you as family, but we also operate in the spirit of yoga.  Your trust in us is a positive testament to why we do what we do. We love helping people, whether it is through our customer service, partnering with other businesses, or helping charitable organizations out with donations and assistance.

Illuminate Your Life

We encourage you to e-mail us directly with your questions, comments, concerns or suggestions, or simply just to say ‘hi!’  Your feedback is extremely important to us as it is our goal to fill the voids you are missing from your life.  If you have specific questions, you can contact the appropriate department by clicking here.