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Yearly Archives: 2015

Practice Balance During the Holidays

The holidays can be a crazy time of of eating, planning, cooking, buying, selling, hosting, gifting, celebrating, traffic, stress, and joy. Often, our desire to take care of others and make sure everyone is happy can get in the way

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Holiday Gift Guide to Illuminate Your Life

During the holidays, shopping for family, friends, and loved ones can be unnecessarily stressful. We at Aurorae want to make shopping simple, painless, and affordable. That’s why we have something for everyone on your list. Take a look at our

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5 Unexpected Ways to Express Gratitude

November is the month of gratitude. It’s when we slow down and count our blessings. It’s when we stop and think about the people that are special to us and hopefully express to them how grateful we are to them.

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How Yoga Taught Me to Honor Gratitude: By Michelle Finnerty

This is a Guest Blog Post written by our Sponsored Yoga Teacher, Michelle Finnerty. She teaches at Vibrance Yoga in Colorado. To learn more about Michelle and her yoga practice, you can visit this page. Gratitude. It’s a word and

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Breast Cancer Awareness: Aurorae is Shining Our Light on the Power of Pink!

Breast Cancer Awareness month, the annual campaign that aims to increase knowledge and awareness of the disease, has been making a huge impact on the advancement of breast cancer research and knowledge of breast cancer for women!  The American Cancer Society

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How Can You Enjoy Yoga as a Family?

As part of National Yoga Month, we are posting a blog post a week about how yoga can improve various parts of our lives. Last week, we talked about how yoga helps you improve romantic relationships. Today we are going to

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5 Ways Yoga Helps You Improve Romantic Relationships

As part of National Yoga Month, we are posting a blog post a week about how yoga can improve various parts of our lives. Last week, we talked about how stretching in the workplace is so important. Today we are

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Why You Should Stretch at Work: 5 Stretches to Incorporate Into Your Work Day

Americans sit A LOT. The average American sits for eight hours a day, whether at their desk at work, driving in their car, or sitting at their computer at home. Sitting this much is bad for your health. It slows

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Guest Blog Post: Salsa & Gazspacho

The following is a guest blog post by our very own sponsored yoga teacher, Pam Rand, RDN, RYT. She gives us great insight into Ayurveda and summer activities! Thank you, Pam, for this great information! Summer activities should be fun

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Yoga Poses That Can Help Lower Your Cortisol Levels

health benefits of yoga

There is a lot of talk on the Internet (and in research!) these days about cortisol, the body’s primary stress hormone, why it’s bad for your health, and what you can do to lower your cortisol levels. According to Psychology

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