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Aurorae Yoga Teachers Sponsorship

Here are Aurorae, we pride ourselves on our customer service and grass-roots marketing efforts to offer the best yoga products to our communities. We have found that yoga teachers are some of our biggest advocates, and therefore we decided to start a Yoga Teacher Sponsorship program for existing yoga instructors around the United States.Yoga Teachers

What is the Aurorae Yoga Teachers Sponsorship Program?

Our program is designed to support yoga teachers throughout the country by providing them with a complimentary Aurorae yoga mat and other Aurorae products for them to try out in their studio, at home, with students or as they travel.  Because yoga instructors have a great influence on their students and embody the spirit of yoga as we do, we love partnering with teachers of all styles, levels and practices.

We believe in the power and spirit of yoga. We admire what you do as a yoga instructor and value your contribution to society. We invite you to apply for our yoga teacher sponsorship and become a member of our Aurorae family.

What Can Aurorae Offer You?

We welcome you to become a part of our Aurorae family by completing the application form to become an Aurorae Sponsored Yoga Teacher.

This will give us the opportunity to get to know you! Qualified yoga instructors will receive an e-mail from our Marketing Department welcoming you to our family. You can expect:

  • a free Aurorae yoga mat of your choice for review
  • opportunities to review additional Aurorae product
  • placement on our Aurorae Sponsored Yoga Teachers webpage including a link to the studio of your choice or your website
  • the opportunity for cross-promotion on our social media pages of your upcoming retreats, workshops, or events
  • a network of other yoga teachers to collaborate with and brainstorm ideas
  • our promise to you that we will always treat you as family

Please click here to complete the Aurorae Yoga Teacher Sponsorship Application.

In order to qualify you must have a yoga teacher certification and currently actively teach yoga in a studio, at retreats, in workshops, through private sessions, or even through an online service. We look forward to receiving your sponsored yoga teacher application today.

Please don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions, comments or concerns to our Director of Marketing, Eileen Boh at

Aurorae Sponsored Yoga Teachers

Alyssa Warth
Vinyasa & Restorative

Los Angeles, CA
ARW Yoga

Gia George

San Diego, CA
Divine Yoga

Caroline Klebl
Ashtanga Yoga

Los Angeles, CA
Source of Yoga

“I appreciate Aurorae’s Eco friendly biodegradable Yoga Mats.”
Missy Kai Hoffman
Yoga Therapy, Vinyasa, Restorative

Los Angeles, CA


Darlene Bink

Woodbridge, VA
Yoga From the Ground Up

Michelle Arington
Hatha, Vinyasa, Therapeutic
Lara Rosenberg
Ashtanga, Vinyasa, Basic, Gentle

Phoenix, AZ


Linda Lindaman
Vinyasa, Hot Yoga, Children

Long Island, NY
Relaxing Endeavors 

“I am a full time yoga instructor practicing for 38 years, I like the fact that your mats are eco friendly.  I use the Synergy mat for my hot practice, and love it!  I feel like this mat helps keep me focused on my practice rather that constantly adjusting a yoga towel!”  
Danielle Cosgrove
Power Vinyasa, Cool Flow, Yin

Orlando, FL
Warrior One

“I support Aurorae as a company because it supports me as a yogini! I love this company because it is run like a small business- when you have a question, you can always get in contact with a real person (instead of some automated machine!). I love that the products are made to make practicing so much more fun and effective. My Northern Lights mat is great for all the different styles of yoga I like to practice – it supports me and my practice well, so I will always support Aurorae!”
Annie Marcum
Ashtanga Vinyasa

Athens, GA

“I support Aurorae because they make quality yoga products that are accessible to everyone! The Synergy mat has quickly become my favorite. The people behind Aurorae are kind, helpful and supportive. I encourage everyone to try their products and get to know why this company is so wonderful!”
Chelsea S. Hill

Kingston, RI
Sitara Yoga & Wellness


Susan Sheehan
Hatha Vinyasa Flow, Gentle Flow

Franklin Lakes, NJ
Yoga Synthesis

“Yoga has been a part of Susan’s life for many years. Her first experience was in a high school gym class, and somehow always stayed with her. Sporadic classes turned into a weekly habit after having her first child, which is where she met Aurorae owner, Dennis Ingui.  Yoga has helped Susan to find stillness, and gratitude in her life. Yoga has helped Susan to let go of negativity and open her heart to others.”
Keisha Wixom

Corrales, NM
Sattva Yoga

“The practice of yoga is more than a past time, it’s a lifestyle. For many of us, that means using products and supporting companies that produce eco-friendly and quality materials with the goal of sustaining a higher standard of well-being, not just individually but as global community. I feel that Aurorae’s mission aligns to this intention whole heartedly.”
Stacy Mallow
Prana Vinyasa Flow

Frederick, MD
Complete Yoga

“I am absolutely loving my Aurorae yoga mat! I have used it for a warm Vinyasa class as well as for more restorative practices. The soft towel side of the mat kept me securely planted on my mat while in the flow and also provided a soft cushion for savasana and restorative classes. I highly recommend it!”
Sara Rossi

Atlanta, GA
Rossi Sara

“I have owned and used lots of mats in the past and they just don’t hold up to daily use or give me the cushion I need for 90 minute sessions. I never liked those towels you place on top of a mat for hot yoga as they made it very difficult to stay in any position so I always ended up with a wet mat. My Aurorae blue magic carpet both prevents slippage and collects the sweat. Its lighter to carry around has a great grip and a cozy feeling:  you just cant pry this baby away from me.”
Casandra Rae Shell
Yin Yoga, Vinyasa

Fort Collins, CO
Elation Yoga

I just wanted to say that after using my Aurorae mat for sometime now, I can’t imagine using another type of mat. It not only has good grip, but offers so much comfort for my joints, which for me is a must. My knees stay protected and the impact of postures where I am placing body  weight into my wrists is minimal due to the good quality of the mat! Thank you! I think I may have to get another one soon 🙂 
Dalia Stoffer
Power, Vinyasa, Hatha

Orlando, FL
Yogi Dalia

“I support Aurorae because they believe that yoga is a practice everyone should be able to participate in. It has been my goal as a teacher to reach out to charities and under served populations and find a way to introduce yoga to those that need it. They have supported me and made sure I am equipped to go out and serve my community. All of their products are eco friendly, some even biodegradable. This shows me that they are a company that cares about what they are delivering into the world. For that, they will always have my support and admiration.”
Rebeca McCulley

Jacksonville, FL
Kidding Around Yoga

Annette Burke
Emma Nahod
Kripalu Yoga

Coventry, RI
Shift With Yoga

“I support Aurorae because I love their products. My beautiful moon mat inspires me to practice more often and connects me back to that source of replenishment and energy that yoga brings. I greatly appreciate their commitment to the environment in the making of their products and their commitment to supporting yoga and yoga teachers.”
Sharon Green
Vinyasa, Yin, Christian

Chattanooga, TN
Living Grace Yoga

Russell J. Bockstedt
Hatha, Vinyasa

Minneapolis, MN
Russ Yoga

Michelle Helman
Yin, Hatha, Vinyasa

Portland, OR
Enact Your Vision

“As I unroll the Synergy mat it lies flat upon the floor beckoning me to practice. My feet and hands feel stable and just the right balance of cush to flow and relax. It was a great choice to support me to focus on my own strength, flexibility, range of motion, and vitality.”
Sarah Dittmore
Vinyasa, Hatha

New York, NY
Yoga With a Purpose

“As a yoga teacher, I have found Aurorae to provide some of the best yoga products in the market, but it is not just the quality of their products that draws me to Aurorae. I love their commitment to personal and global wellness and I am proud to be a supporter of what they do.”
Robin Schultz-Purves
Hatha, Vinyasa

Ann Arbor, MI
Yoga Rising

“The reason I support Aurorae and promote your products is because the products are excellent quality. My mat helps cushion my old knees, the soft feel provides great comfort and the “grippiness” gives me confidence that I will not slip while demonstrating poses or going through a flow. I have recommended these mats to my students and many of them have purchased then and are also very please with the product. I also am very happy the products are non toxic!  Thanks for making great products!!”
Pamela Rand
Integrative Yoga Therapy

Narragansett, RI
Heart Center Yoguides

“I love the illuminations blog on the Aurorae site!   The most recent blog titled  ‘yoga poses for lowering your cortisol levels’  helped me language my yoga classes that week allowing my students to learn and understand yet another reason to practice Yoga.  I encourage my students to visit the Aurorae researched blog!”
Amie Archut

Bensalem, PA
Elite Pole & Fitness

Leigh Fisher
Vinyasa, Hatha, Restorative

Austin, TX
Leigh Fisher Yoga

Sean D. Watson

Austin, TX
Sean D Yoga

“I love the community that Aurorae is creating for yoga teachers and yoga practitioners alike! It is difficult for many yoga teachers to teach and create when we feel like we are constantly in competition with one another or the market. To have a company like Aurorae making quality yoga products and also supporting their community is rare and necessary. Other brands and businesses should take their lead!”
Carri Uranga
Vinyasa, Yin, Hatha

New York, NY
Drishti Yoga Teacher Training

“I am a proud ambassador for Aurorae. Not only is my Northern Lights yoga mat eco-friendly, but the thickness is perfect and it’s so pretty to look at I want to practice on it every day! Aurorae has created a special community of employees and sponsored teachers. They treat everyone like family and truly respect their customers. If more companies were this humane, the world would be a better place!”